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UPDATED JAN 26th, 2012

We are finalizing construction on our website and getting ready to list our leases for the 2012 season. Our site will enable land owners to post listings of their hunting leases for free and allow hunters to search those listings. Our hunting leases directory is for deer, turkey, predator and small game hunting land in Michigan.


MICHIGAN LAND LEASES WANTED! We are currently accepting leases for the launch of Michigan leases for the 2012 season. Are you looking to earn some extra income? We are looking for hunting properties 10 acres and up for whitetail deer, wild turkey, waterfowl, and predator hunting anywhere hunters can legally hunt in Michigan. We will add your free listing in our database for the launch of our new website.

Simply fill out our form on the Land owner page and we will post your lease here online. We will only post the information that you want us to post. This in a 100% free service to land owners. Don't miss your chance to make some extra income this fall! In addition to getting a free listing, we will also be glad to answer any questions or advice regarding leasing your land. We can also come out and take pictures of the property if you would like. This is also a free service to you!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  The most common information people seek is below.

Q. Am I Protected Legally?  

A. Deer hunting season provides an opportunity for farmers and sportsmen to develop lease arrangements for hunting privileges. Many landowners are reluctant to allow hunters on their land due to liability concerns Michigan law provides landowners with liability protection. Part 733 of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act provides landowners with limited liability protection whether people entering the property have permission or not, and whether the landowner charges fees or not. Get more information here.



Are you tired of over crowded pumpkin patch hunting? Michigan Leases will provide you a place where you can search for hunting leases from all over the state of Michigan. Our website is almost complete and we will be displaying leases shortly. Please check back soon!